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How To Play Archery Tag Game

How To Play Archery Tag Game

Archery tag is a mix of laser tag, paintball, and dodge ball, and adds the skill of archery. Anyone older than eight years of age can play this fun game. However, anyone less than eighteen years of age must have their guardian sign a consent paper.

The aim is to use foam-tipped arrows to members of the opponent team. If you are hit by an arrow, you have to leave the game. So, even though you can gain points by removing members of the other team, your main objective is to hit the five targets that have been set up on the opposing team’s side.

The game can be played in several ways. Using points to keep score is one popular method. If you hit either the spot-target or other players, you get points. A more simple way is to use these three criteria to judge a win:

· A team removes all members of the other team.

· A team has the most centers intact on their spot-target.

· A team knocks out their opposing target on all five spots.

To play Archery Tag, you will need the following equipment: foam-tipped arrows, special bows, face masks, and arm guards. There are no official uniforms for playing Archery Tag, but comfortable athletic tees and gym shorts are usually the best dress to play in.

A player is allowed to hold a maximum of two arrows at any one time. So manage your total number of arrows well. A game is high intensity and lasts only seven minutes on the outside. Two game rounds are the maximum. The game officially ends in either of two scenarios – either one team has removed all members of the opponent team, or they have hit all five targets.

You may be quite the amateur when you first start playing Archery Tag, but a little practice can soon turn the tables with you becoming the most popular player around. It’s a team sport, and playing to the different abilities of other players is key to winning a game.

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